Spanish Tax planning

Expert professional advice about inheritance planning in Spain can substantially reduce tax liabilities.

Our specialist legal team provides a professional, convenient and competitively priced estate planning service for Spanish property owners.

Each client situation is unique; and is individually addressed, for our clients to pass their Spanish assets to their beneficiaries in the most tax efficient way.

We explore the range of options available in each case, and are not tied to any single approach or structure.

Our advice is always entirely compliant with the applicable tax laws. As a professional organisation, we do not condone tax evasion or illegality of any form. Our tax mitigation solutions are both effective, and legally sound.

Working with our clients

Clear and regular client communication is key to our service, throughout the estate planning process. We actively encourage discussion with and feedback from our clients, to ensure a full understanding of their needs; and also to guarantee the clarity of our service delivery.

Collaboration with other professionals

We also work closely with associated fiscal professionals, to be able to provide a comprehensive and compatible legal and fiscal service to Spanish property owners.

We also work alongside other professionals, to offer Spanish asset support for multi-jurisdictional estate planning cases.


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