Spanish Inheritance Solutions

Our Spanish Legal Services

We specialise in Spanish Wills and Estate Planning, Inheritance and Property Transactions
- throughout Spain.

Our Commitment

Our team has 20 years of specialist experience in the Spanish legal services we provide.

Every case we deal with is managed by a professionally qualified lawyer.

All our Spanish legal work is fully professionally regulated.

All our team members are bilingual- English/ Spanish.

A single point of contact is provided for each case.

Our clients are assured of clear and regular client communication- in English, unless otherwise required.

Our Clients

We support lawyers, Notaries and other professionals internationally

with their clients’ Spanish legal matters.

We also deal with individual clients’ Spanish legal matters.

To find out more about Spanish property transactions; or for professional advice on

Wills and inheritance in Spain, please contact us by filling out the form below or

sending an email to:  contact@legal4spain.com.

La Empresa 'Legal 4 Spain'

Nuestra empresa ofrece servicios legales para extranjeros que tienen bienes y propiedades en España
y / u en otros países.

La mayoría de nuestros clientes son británicos, residentes en el Reino Unido,
pero con propiedades en España.

Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes británicos y de otros países una gestión testamentaria completa.

Ofrecemos también los servicios legales necesarios en compra-ventas de propiedades en España;
y de la administración de la sucesión de propiedades y bienes en España
después del fallecimiento de un extranjero.