Our Spanish Probate Services

Our specialist legal team provides a professional, convenient and competitively priced inheritance service covering assets anywhere in Spain.

We assist legal representatives from outside Spain and also act for individual executors and beneficiaries, wherever they are based.

Usually the whole legal process can be handled without our clients needing to come to Spain.

Clear and efficient process

We enable beneficiaries to inherit Spanish assets in the most efficient way- whether under a Spanish Will, a foreign Will or in some cases, no Will.

Generally, Spanish probate is quicker and more efficient when there is a proper Spanish Will.

Our team is professionally qualified, highly experienced

and bilingual.

We provide clear and regular client communication throughout the succession process.

Equipped with the experience you need

Dealing with the legal process after the loss of a relative or friend can be difficult; and we appreciate that this needs to be handled with sensitivity.

We are available when needed for initial consultations- evenings and weekends too.

We can discuss matters generally and answer any specific questions. It is always helpful to have as much background information as possible. This enables us to address matters as efficiently and precisely as possible from the outset.

It assists to have such of the following information as is available

for an initial consultation:

• The name and contact details of the deceased person’s representative(s)

• The full name of the deceased person

• The date of death of the deceased person

• Where the death occurred

• Where the deceased person was officially resident at the time of death

• What will(s) were left by the deceased person

• What major assets are included in the estate of the deceased person

• Where the assets are located (in the case of property- country/ town)

• The approximate total value of the assets (per country)

• Any steps which have already been taken to proceed with probate

• The relationship of the beneficiary/ beneficiaries to the deceased person

• Where the beneficiary/ beneficiaries are officially resident

• Whether all beneficiaries already have N.I.E’s (Spanish fiscal numbers)

• Whether inherited assets will be sold or retained initially

• Any possible disputes in the distribution of the estate.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have; and to provide

a fixed fee quotation. Please contact us now on - OR

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